Wise Blood vessels

Courtney Jones

Professor Sisson

English 1101


Wise Blood

Haze Motes was a very confused man in regards to religion. He went through a lot of phases throughout his religious journey. Haze encountered events that questioned his morals and made him reconsider where he actually was. Over time Haze comes to recognize he is not as clean when he thought having been.

In the beginning Haze thought having been going to certainly be a preacher, " He was gonna be a preacher like his grandfather. ” (Pg. 15) When he turned eighteen, the army referred to as him. Haze wanted simply no part of the army, " He had thought initially that he would shoot his foot and not go. ” (pg. 15) Haze thought that all a preacher's power was in his neck of the guitar and in his tongue and arm. (pg. 15) Relatively Haze was already like his grandfather, " The old man would indicate his grand son, Haze. He had a particular disrespect for him, because his own confront was repeated almost accurately in the child's and appeared to mock him. ” (pg. 16)

Because Haze was beckoned to the army he was sure having been not going to be lead into trouble by anyone. O'Conner published, " This individual meant to tell anyone in the army whom invited him to trouble that he was from Eastrod, Tennesse, and he supposed to get back right now there and stay there, that he was gonna be a preacher of the gospel and that he was not going to possess his soul damned by government or by any foreign stick it sent him to. ” (pg. 17) After a few weeks Haze built friends or perhaps associates, the opportunity he had been waiting for finally came, " He told them that he would not go with these people for a million dollars and a down bed to lie in; ” (pg. 18) This individual went into his planned spill, but his voice broken and he froze up. He then started to be conflicted in what his friends said to him, " His friends advised him that nobody was interested in his goddam spirit unless it had been the priest. ” (pg. 18) Haze was distraught by the considered a clergyman tempering together with his soul. To insult him even more, " they informed him that he didn't have any kind of soul. ” (pg. 18)...



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