Who moved my mozzarella cheese?

п»їWho Relocated My Cheese?

By Spencer Johnson, M. D.

Penguin Putnam Incorporation.

375 Hudson Street NY 10014

Manuel Vasquez (Book Summary)

The story entails four characters who are in a web: the rodents Scurry and Sniff, and two 'little people', Hem and Haw. All is certainly going well since they have identified a huge way to obtain their favorite food, cheese. Hem and Haw have possibly moved their particular houses to become near this and it includes becomes the center of their lives. But they do not notice that it truly is getting smaller, and they are devastated when they arrive at this website one early morning and find the cheese is finished. The rats, Sniff and Scurry owned simple rodent brains although good instincts searched for the hard nibbling dairy products they liked. In contrast, both the little people Hem and Haw, applied brains stuffed with many believes and thoughts to search for a different sort of kind of parmesan cheese which they assumed would make these people feel happy and successful. This is where the story splits in two. Scurry and Smell quickly acknowledge the loss of the cheese and go off in to the maze in search of other sources. The limited people, since they have constructed their lives around the big cheese, truly feel they are the sufferer of some sort of fraud or perhaps theft. Yet this only makes things worse, his or her clinging in ensures that each goes hungry. In the meantime, the rodents move on and find new cheese. The author uses two tiny animals and also to little people to represent the complexity from the human making decisions process, both the mice learn better when will be faced with adjustments because they keep things simple. In the furthermore, the two very little people`s sophisticated brains and human feelings complicate points. In the tale cheese is a metaphor for what we want in every area of your life, whether is known as a job, a relationship, cash, a big home, freedom, well being, recognition, religious peace, and even an activity like jogging or perhaps golf. The maze signifies the place where you spend time trying to find what you want. It might be the organization you work in, the community you live in, or...



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