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Business and Individual Services companies all over the world search for different ways to improve and be powerful. One of the ways agencies have been capable to maintain success is by network and relating themselves with similar companies. A website that provides organizations with this type of social networking is LinkedIn. In week two I was given the job to research and understand why such sites while LinkedIn support human service organizations stay connected with all their professional community and other man service professionals. In addition to researching how these sites improve more quality services and support and how additional schooling keeps you up to date and competitive against other agencies. History of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a internet site used by business professionals around the globe. This site delivers business experts and other types of companies the ability to exchange information and also other networking types of options. Created simply by five creators, LinkedIn's site officially became popular in 2003 (LinkedIn. com, 2012). The five founders asked three hundred and fifty of their nearest contacts to join their site and within the initially month acquired over 4500 members in the network (LinkedIn, 2012). At the conclusion of the year 2003 they had over 81000 people and now the modern has above 41 , 000, 000 members (LinkedIn, 2012). LinkedIn had a perspective to give new meaning to the online community community and place a new regular. Considered by many to be the businessman's Facebook, this continues to grow and help businesses to find new chances through online community. Using LinkedIn to Stay Linked

LinkedIn has provided human services organizations the cabability to reconnect to past and present co-workers, which allows these to stay in continuous touch. Additionally , help them gain inside contacts with similar types of organizations that enhance their development and accomplishment. The network also provides similar organizations within their network to share guidance and response...

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