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Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Kids: a toolkit to get advocates

Struggling with Junk Food Advertising to Kids: a toolkit for advocates

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1 Introduction So why we developed this toolkit, how you can make use of it 2 Food and Beverage Marketing: Aimed towards our kids Processed foods are hurting our kids Kids' purchasing electricity Food advertisements target kids Most foodstuff ads happen to be for unhealthy foods Ethnic focus on marketing: is actually worse intended for communities of color 3 Marketing: More than just advertising Product Place Promo Price some Solutions: What can local communities do? Product Place Promotion Selling price


Conversation Guide, Actions, and Worksheets Video Dialogue Guide Which include questions within the problem and possible solutions, for recommends, parents and youth Actions Brainstorming Umschlusselung Framing Strategizing Worksheets Talking about food and beverage promoting that goals kids Expanding strategy worksheet Sample notice to a product owner Sample letter to an after-school program

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Fighting Junk Food Promoting to Youngsters | bmsg. org

1 Introduction


Introduction For what reason we developed this toolkit, how you can use it

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Imagine, should you will, a huge pile involving. Let's call it up a million dollars. It's all yours to spend, in whatever way you need. What might you buy? Don't take extended to spend that money, achieved it? Well, blessed for you, an hour later you get one more million to invest. Now what might you do with that money? How about if you acquired another mil dollars 1 hour later — and retained it up 24 / 7, all year long? Very well, now suppose deluge involving aimed right at our kids — spent convincing them to drink and eat MORE EVEN MORE MORE of the food and beverages that are least healthy for them. That's how much cash the food and beverage sector in the U. S. spends to reach our kids with their communications: one million dollars an hour or so, every hour of every working day, targeted at kids and children. It adds up to $10 to $12 billion dollars 12 months spent on children marketing by itself.


Preventing Junk Food Advertising to Children | bmsg. org

It's natural to feel stressed by this sum of marketing — but in truth, there are many issues that local groups can easily do, inside their own residential areas, to limit marketing and counter its impact. We developed this toolkit to help community advocates appreciate how food marketing affects youngsters' health and what they can perform about it with the local level. This toolkit is designed to be employed in conjunction with our video, Fighting Junk Food Promoting to Children, which displays community-based activities to address promoting. We hope you can use this laptop computer and the video as community organizing equipment to promote local advocation for guidelines that limit the impact of food and beverage marketing to children. The activities and discussion manuals included below will help you utilize toolkit to discuss marketing and what your community can do about it in many settings: At community meetings With school command With youth At community house get-togethers At parti meetings With merchants, after-school program company directors, and others who have the power to limit certain kinds of marketing How come talk about coverage when the difficulty of healthful eating and active living is in the end an individual have difficulties? We believe that while individual selections about wellness are important, environmental surroundings is critical in shaping these choices. Habit happens in a context. For instance , we might be able to educate everybody about the significance of eating vegatables and fruits daily, but since there's no spot to buy reasonably priced fresh produce, then no one has the possibility to eat it, no matter how motivated or educated they are. Responsibility is to support advocates in shaping their environment, for making their local community a place in which the healthy choice is — upon all amounts — the simplest choice for making.


Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Youngsters | bmsg. org...

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