The street Not Considered

Paige Allen

Teacher Anthony Sanders

English Structure I

twenty-eight November 2012

" The trail Not Taken”

Life is packed with decisions that need to me made. These decisions could be basic or difficult to make. Either way, these decisions will impact our lives in some way. In Robert Frost's poem " The street Not Taken” tells the storyplot of a guy who is having a walk in in a bad neighborhood and gets to a pay in the street. He must select which street to take with the 2 becoming very different from another. In his poem, Frost uses the man's walk in the woods as being a metaphor to make decisions in everyday life. To some people, this kind of decision might seem pointless or perhaps simple, although it's not necessarily the best for taking the easy way away.

" Two tracks diverged in a yellow wood…” We can get the that the composition takes place in the fall. Really stated in the first brand of the poem. Frost explains a forest that isn't dark and depressing as a typical forest environment. The " yellow wood” describes the time of the yr when the color of leaves begin to change. Other ways we can tell its fall is in lines 11-12. " And the two that morning hours equally lay, in leaves no step had trodden black. ” This demonstrates that there were leaves on the ground that were falling or perhaps had previously fallen. As you may know, each route starts in the same place but more than likely ends in two completely different places. This makes the decision difficult to make because you would probably want to know in which the path prospects. In reality, we usually tend to take the convenient way out. The trail that is noticeably traveled even more is the a single we'd be comfortable currently taking, even though the end result is not clear. Robert Frost ultimately is trying to show all of us the importance of decisions making and just how it can influence our lives, being now or later. After taking some the perfect time to look over the paths, set by line four, " I looked straight down one in terms of I could…” and considering, the traveller finally comprises his brain, choosing the highway that is fewer traveled.

The traveller takes a fearless move choosing...



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