"The Wonderful Gatsby" Color Analysis

Personality Color Analysis" The Great Gatsby", written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is talks about social classes, and targets the concept of the a falling social order. This motif is shown in the relationships between the heroes and certainly in the character types themselves. Through the entire novel, Fitzgerald not only uses color symbolism to set the scenes and events, nevertheless he as well uses this to present, illustrate, and condition every single character. Gatsby is one of these heroes; his alternatives, decisions, ideas, and values are represented by symbolism and colors yellowish, green, and white.

1st, yellow stands out as the color that represents fresh money and wealth bought. " …I put my arm around Jordan's fantastic shoulder. " (Pg. 77). Fitzgerald uses gold, a vivid rendering of yellow-colored, to symbolize the wealth obtained by Gatsby and the enormous desire for him to obtain even more and show it off towards the entire world. In the light of the pursuing events, it is possible to see how Gatsby is blinded by his love intended for Daisy and so money. He buys a large yellow Proceeds Royce to demonstrate off his new money. The music group at his party takes on " yellowish cocktail music" to show his fulsome way of living and lifestyle. Yellow, as with Egypt and Burma, likewise symbolizes Gatsby's mourning about showing and telling his past; the yellow clothing he has on while he can lying to Nick about his previous is a stunning example of this symbolism.

Second, Fitzgerald uses the color green to symbolize avarice, hope, and jealousy. The new money and wealth received by Gatsby is nothing at all compared to the outdated money that Tom Buchanan has usually had. " In the sunshine his time was green. " (Pg. 117). Green signifies the envy that Gatsby feels intended for Tom and for the fact that Daisy is to use him simply because of his wealth. Gatsby's hopeless appreciate and be jealous of for daisy is represented by this color. The bright light that this color gives displays the expect Gatsby acquired for being with daisy. The green light of Daisy's pier shows how much he hopes and desires a chance...



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