French Revolution; Social Classes

Nicolas Fiol

Mr. Wilock

Western Civ


Effect on the three Social Classes

The French Revolution signifies the end of an period - peonage - and a consequential shift of balance of power since known during feudalism (S10). As a consequence the regime -clergy and nobility - comes to an end, the bourgeoisie rises amongst other reasons because to the funds it had gathered through business and market and the cowboys, that in the beginning joined the bourgeoisie to propose freedom, equality and fraternity as a way to improve their freedoms and living conditions, became disappointed and organize a counter revolution. Three main interpersonal groups coexisted during the People from france Revolution: Clergy or " First State”, the The aristocracy or " Second State” and the bourgeoisie and the cowboys or " Third State”. No matter the fact that " Third State” was the majority of french population, the best of home was unequally distributed as 10% from the total real estate was owned or operated by 1% of the populace and 97% of the inhabitants owned just 55% in the total People from france land. (S6). Besides, the " Third State” was subject to a number of taxes reaping helpful benefits the clergy and the nobility and its people could hardly survive mainly because they were likewise obliged to provide for free the products they developed from the property. The " First State” wanted to maintain your existing " status quo”. That supposed to keep the privileges, it is possessions as well as the exemption from taxation. All their reluctance to take changes made violence and terror causing the beheading of Ruler Louis XVI and many other people (S8). The " Second State” enjoyed privileges that ranged from control of big items of land to exemption of taxation and specific taxation established issues benefit (S2). The bourgeoisie was the midsection class made up of merchants that was the primary thrust at the rear of the French Innovation. The bourgeoisie wanted electric power and privilege commensurate with their place in organization and administration. A extreme financial crisis of the...



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