The Four Features of Managing

Subject: Management & Company Behaviour

Code: BMO 1102

Assessment three or more: Research Dissertation

Question: Specify management simply by objectives and list the four components

of this kind of goal setting. Next, discuss three problems

linked to management by simply objectives. Can easily this

administration technique be applied to your method of this

subject matter (BMO 1102)? If therefore , how?

Term: Darwis Soesanto

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Tutorial Group: Tutorial 4

Date of Submission: 21st September 2006

Lecturer's Identity: Ms. Greeja De Silva

Table of Contents

Table of Contents1



Four Portions of Management by simply Objectives3

3 Problems Faced4

Management simply by objective and its particular application4



How do managers strategy? Do they must plan efficiently? Do they will plan by itself? To understand these we must initial understand what organizing is. Planning is:

1 . Way of forecasting and predicting what will happen down the road to achieve desired goals and to handle problems. 2 . A process that involves defining the organization's goals, establishing a general strategy for obtaining those goals, and having a comprehensive blueprint to combine and coordinate organizational operate (Robbins ou al. 2003). 3. The task by which managers establish desired goals and define the methods with which these desired goals and actions statements (Dunham 1989) 5. The process of handling uncertainty simply by formulating long term courses of action to achieve specific results (Kreitner 2004).

There are two ways in setting company goals, that happen to be traditional target settings and management by objectives. Supervision by targets is:

1 . A method wherever managers and their employees establish the goals together, tips on how to achieve the goals, and monitor the procedure. 2 . A management system through which specific efficiency goals will be jointly dependant upon employees and the managers, progress toward accomplishing those desired goals is regularly reviewed, and rewards are allocated on such basis as the progress (Robbins ain al. 2003). 3. A technique whereby managers and workers define goals for every division, project, and person and use them to monitor future performance (Daft & Marci 2001). some. A motivational strategy in which the administrator an employee come together to set employee goals (Kuzuhara 2002). five. A comprehensive management based on considerable and anticipatively set goals (Kreitner 2004). 6. A management strategy increasing worker involvement in the planning and controlling actions (Dunham 1989).

This composition will talk about about the management by objectives, the elements, concerns faced, and its particular application with this subject. Conversation

Four Portions of Management by simply Objectives

The first component of management simply by objectives is setting target, which is the most crucial in management simply by objectives. The true secret of goal setting is to have mutual agreement between staff and director which will makes the best commitment to achieving desired goals, in other words, desired goals should be jointly derived (Daft & Marcic 2001). Through jointly decided goals, the person will be self-motivated to achieve these kinds of goals. Sadly, motivation is a much more complicated concept. There are numerous factors impacting motivation. MBO is consequently only one factor that can help to motivate (Yee Kah ain al. 1999). In goal setting, managers and employee makes the goal collectively and concur that the objective is concrete and genuine to be achieved. Managers and employee desire a total commitment in order to obtain the desired goals. The main contribution of management by goals is its emphasis on the participation and involvement of men and women at reduced levels, you cannot find any place pertaining to domineering manager (" Allow me to share the targets I've crafted for you" ) or for the passive administrator (" Items go along with whatever objectives you set" ) (Kreitner 2004).

Next component or activities is collectively formulated an action...

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