The expansion of Mental and Educational Intergrity in Nigeria

THE GROWTH OF INTELLECTUAL AND ACADEMIC INTERGRITY IN NIGERIA The ethnical attitude in Nigeria(especially in the western element of Nigeria), prior to the era of globalisation was that no one can own words and phrases or understanding. Folk stories, stories and even the Yoruba history was passed down orally from one generation to the next and no-one has really been able to flag point the source or origin of these tales till date. This is evidenced by several Yoruba books books (YORUBA LEGENDS by simply M. I actually. Ogunmefu and OWE YORUBA IN PROVERBS by A. A Kila) that no referenced sources, presupposing the fact it turned out passed from generation to generation by mouth. With the associated with globalization comes the changes to the perception of intellectual and academic ethics. This difference in attitude can be evidenced by numerous copyright agencies which were established in Nigeria, in order to help shield people's functions. The most notable may be the Nigerian Copyright Commission(NCC) that was founded by 1988 Behave as the primary firm responsible for controlling copyright issues in Nigeria. The Act has been modified again and again [(Amendment) Rule (No. 98) of 1992 and Copyright (Amendment) Rule (No. 42) of 1999] to allow for the changes caused by globalization and easy access to data. (http://www.copyright.gov.ng/index.php/about-us/ncc-historical-background) Additionally it is worthy to note that the sum of mental property litigations have also greatly increased in Nigeria. There are 2 noteworthy litigations in this field in Nigeria. ( http://www.punchng.com/news/don-sues-cbn-governor-for-plagiarism/)(http://www.modernghana.com/news/430099/1/plagiarism-dikes-suit-against-two-uniport-professo.html). I also believe intellectual honesty in Nigeria today is in par with other parts of the earth. The consequences of plagiarism consist of parts of the earth is almost the same as the response to stealing subjects in Nigeria. The embarrassment and succeeding integrity problems that...

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Are obligated to pay Yoruba in Proverbs with a. A Kila


Copyright (Amendment) Rule No forty two 1999 Laws and regulations of the Federation of Nigeria





Journal of Sociology and Education in Africa – Vol. 5 No . two: June 06\ Olabisi Olasehinde-Williams



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