The key benefits of E-Commerce Action of 2150

The Benefits of Ecommerce Act of 2000

to Online Shops, Social and Advertising Networks

A Paper Presented for the Faculty

in the Graduate Institution

University in the Immaculate Pregnancy

Davao City

In Partial Fulfilment from the Course in


(1st Semester SY 2009-10)

Posted by:

Julius L Soriano

Eldy Gwen C. Sunico

Submitted to:

Dr . Melquiades R. Hayag, Jr.

October 2009


This kind of paper was prepared to identify the benefits of RA 8792 and also the Electronic Business Act of 2000 to online shops, advertising sites and great example of such. These online entities will be forms of electronic digital commerce (e-commerce) which is steadily and speedily changing the landscape to do business. However , the a shortage of government restrictions somehow produced the public apprehensive and wary about the reliability, integrity, security and accountability. Following your Philippines approved the Ecommerce Act of 2000, investments in Information Technology tasks greatly elevated. Interest in electronic commerce is at an perfect high and companies had been forced to deal with the changes as a result of the New Economy.


It has been said, time and again, that in this new age, success will depend less upon the size of a company but the velocity by which it might implement it is plan and take the first-mover advantage. Andy Grove of Intel has also been quoted since saying that in five years all companies will be Internet companies or perhaps not be companies at all. With the creation of the Internet, nearly every aspect of individual endeavor can be greatly changed distinguishly. The targeted traffic of da postagem mails was immensely lowered while most from the traffic is usually redirected to electronic terme conseille. People can certainly tour the world virtually. They can purchase nearly anything they want by almost anywhere in the world at the ease and comfort of their homes. In fact , lots of people who snapped up business opportunities shown by the new-technology amassed fortunes. The Internet, getting the central source of the digital age, has attained considerable passions, not only among the list of millions of net users, although also among legal and policy stakeholders. Internet legislation continues to progress as web commerce dramatically flourishes. As more and more guidelines are becoming adopted and applied regulating Internet activities, there is powerful need for the crafting or perhaps re-crafting of laws, procedures and rules, both in neighborhood and worldwide levels, as digital technology continue to develop and re-define organization models inside the information economic system. The road to creating a successful web shop can be a challenging if unaware of e-commerce guidelines and the regulations governing that particularly RA 8792 or Electronic Trade Act of the Philippines. Researching and understanding the guidelines instructed to properly implement an elektronische geschaftsabwicklung plan is actually a crucial portion to getting successful with online store building. Chapter We

Electronic Business (E-Commerce)

Electronic commerce or web commerce is a term for any form of business, or commercial transaction that involves the transfer details across the Net. It includes a range of various types of companies, from buyer based full sites, through auction or perhaps music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services among corporations. It really is currently one of the important aspects of the Internet to emerge. E-commerce allows buyers to in electronic format exchange services and goods with no boundaries of time or distance. Digital commerce has expanded speedily over the past years and is believed to continue at this rate, or maybe accelerate. In the near future more and more businesses will maneuver sections of all their operations onto the Internet. Business to Business or perhaps B2B refers to electronic commerce between businesses rather than between a business and a consumer. BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS businesses often deal with hundreds or even thousands of different...

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