The Art of Time Managing

п»їTime management refers to a range of skills, tools, and approaches used to control time once accomplishing certain tasks, assignments and desired goals. This set has a wide range of actions, and for instance , planning, allocating, setting goals, delegation, evaluation of time spent, monitoring, managing, scheduling, and prioritizing. At first time administration referred to merely business or work actions, but at some point the term enhanced to include personal activities as well. A time management is a designed combination of operations, tools and techniques. Some authors (such as Stephen R. Covey) offered a categorization system for the hundreds of time management approaches that they examined First generation: reminders based upon clocks and watches, but with computer execution possible; may be used to alert a person if a task is usually to be done. Second generation: preparing and preparing based on work schedule and visit books; involves setting goals. Third era: planning, prioritizing, controlling (using a personal organizer, other paper based objects, or computer or PDA-based systems) activities on a daily basis. This approach indicates spending some time in clarifying values and focal points. Fourth technology: being useful and positive using some of the above equipment; places desired goals and functions as the controlling element of the system and favors importance over desperation. Some of the new general disputes related to " time" and " management" point out the fact that term " time management" is misleading and that the principle should basically imply that it is " the management of our own actions, to make sure that they may be accomplished within the available or allocated time, which is a great unmanageable constant resource".[citation needed]



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