technology gets rid of tradition. consent or disagree?

п»їSince the beginning of humankind, advance technology enable human to develop coming from nothing to Stone Age and lastly in a modern globe full of machines and gear. Technology kills the traditions and this can be noticed primarily inside the aspects of traveling, communication and health care. В

Firstly, development of technology changes the way in which human travel and leisure. During older times, human being travel from one placeВ to another by using human-powered transport just like walking or bicycling. Nevertheless nowadays, modern day marvels just like planes, ships, and vehicles are invented to help people save time and energy. In addition , spaceships allow human go somewhere which is impossible back decades ago like the Celestial satellite. Hence, with the existence of technology, areas which appeared unreachable shall no longer be a limit for mankind.

In addition to travelling, advancing technology has altered the ways of interaction from what it was before. In the past, man contact with people far away by simply writing notification. It took many days or weeks intended for the receiver to receive the letter. Nevertheless, human can communicate more quickly and simpler by mailing emails or perhaps SMS. Furthermore, video contact or chat is also obtainable within many clicks on the computer.

Finally, technology kills traditional medication method or healthcare. Over the centuries, developed medical technology provides help man unlock the mysteries and complexities in the human body. A few of the important improvements are stethoscope, diagnostic the image and electrocardiography. New medications are created to cure illnesses faster and efficiently. В

In a nutshell, custom has been disappeared by the advancement of technology from this females in the facet of travelling, conversation as well as medical care.



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