Each of our App offer distinct graphical user interface for employers and job seekers. They are able to use of their own consideration by simply key in user brand and password. For organisations, they enter recruitment info in a led and regular form (appendix). They can conveniently check the quantity of applicants plus the CV of these. Thereby, they can obtain the the majority of qualified pool area of career seekers in a time and cost-saving way. For job hunters, a detail timetable clearly stated when the jobs can be found (appendix). It helps our buyers figure out when they are available for taking the jobs. Furthermore, it is comfort for job hunters to simply click one switch to apply the task instead of speak to the business employers by themself. 2)Customization

As soon as the users generate an account, their own information and employment history will automatically being placed. For employers, they are able to review the past recruitment posts and record. Pertaining to job seekers, they may be provided a typical CV kind for typing relevant details such as doing work experience and qualification. In event of successful job match through our company, the newest working knowledge will instantly updated to their own CV. Moreover, the extra paid assistance customize to their personal requirements. Our schedule matching assistance helps users screen out the jobs that crush their timetable. Besides, new careers will be recommended and advised according to users' preference by immediate contact (e. g. email, whatsapp). 3)Cost Leadership

Even as operate the company in internet and mobile iphone app, it is relatively expense saving when comparing with creating a physically exist firm. The saved capital can be utilize to upgrade our system and provide high quality service to the customers. Weakness

1)Distract job seekers

Since our business is concentrating on in post-secondary student whom tends to hunt for temporary work opportunities, people that seek for a lot of the time jobs is probably not suitable to...



Essay in Environment

22.08.2019 What Do i need to Do to Protect Environment? Requirements: The writing ought to include the following aspects: 1 . In brief describe the latest severe environment in Shanghai/our…..