Subject matter and Verb Agreement

Subject and Verb Agreement

1 ) Collective Adjective

* Think about a collective noun singular in order to refers to a group as a whole. The orchestra soars.

My family loves to travel.

5. Consider it dual when it refers to each member of the group separately. The orchestra are voting for their new conductor.

My family have turns deciding on places to look.

2 . Exceptional Nouns

* Subjective plural in form (ending in S) but single in that means take singular verbs. Acoustics, economics, linguistics, mathematics, measles, mumps, information, physics, rickets, phonetics, etc . Linguistics can be an interesting subject matter.

* Adjective singular in form (not ending in S) but plural in meaning consider plural verbs. Cattle, animals, poultry

Cows number a lot more than people in a few countries.

* Adjective always found in the multiple (always end in S) require plural verbs. Eyeglasses, shears, pliers, slacks, thanks, best wishes, slippers, pants, clothes, and so forth These binoculars are a good deal.

In a few cultures, thank you were given for the gods for making them happy. * Nouns expressing abstract ideas are usually singular in form and require unique verbs. Poverty, courage, education, fear, joy

Poverty is not an obstacle to accomplishment.

5. The following MASS nouns are ALWAYS singular and require single verbs: Ammo, applause, luggage, luggage, blood vessels, bread, chalk, coffee, dirt and grime, dust, electricity, equipment, home furniture, gossip, gravel, heat, home work, ice, data, ink, earrings, lightning, music, machinery, milk, money, perfume, poetry, the entire, rice, salt, scenery, cleansing soap, sugar, oklahoma city, water, smoking. * If the foregoing adjective are preceded by pieces of, kinds of, drops of, collection of, etc . they require plural verbs. Antique furnishings are sold too store.

Rare selections of jewelry can be very expensive.

Drops of blood vessels were seen on the floor.

* Some nouns always plural in form but either single or dual in that means require the verbs to agree with this is...



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