Vogue and Anchorage Text

Style Analysis

Fashion magazine is known as a high end style and way of life magazine. On the front cover I can tell which the issue will be based upon the seasons latest trends ‘autumn's essentials' and an article on the singer Adele due to the big image of her and the anchorage text; ‘Adoring Adele'. In addition there are a few distinct puff featuring articles in other famous people such as Amy Childs, Her Birkin, Wendi Murdoch as well as the fashion designer Azzedine Alaia. The point audience pertaining to Vogue mag is middleclass young girls or all those who have a passion for style and enthusiastic about celebrity standards of living. The publication is using an image from the singer Adele with a immediate mode of address; Fashion has used an immediate mode of address since they want an individual relationship with Adele plus the reader. Your woman looks very soft and blameless, this links with the chuck text. Within the front cover of this magazine is a picture of Adele. This is because she's one of the growing stars of today's technology, and this wounderful woman has a lot of fans. The anchorage text message is ‘Adoring Adele' and this implies that the content inside in Adele is usually sweet and touching as a result of word ‘Adoring'. The overall communication that the subject matter of Adele is providing is that anyone can become worldwide just like her because a part of the anchorage textual content is ‘hometown girl moves global' There are not many ‘buzz' words within the front cover but there is certainly ‘autumn's essentials' the word ‘essentials' makes the reader want or perhaps feel that they require the products which the magazine is saying they need. The title block is very delicate and stylish with informs me that the mag is aimed at middle school, sophisticated women. The ‘puffs' tells someone that there is some celeb articles/interviews and some articles about fashion and style, this shows that the magazine's audience could be the type to be interested in style, lifestyle plus some celebrity gossip. There are some puffs on vogue tips assuming that the reader is concerned about their...



Essay in Environment

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