Exploration of Chewing Gum Packaging


4IBBA, worldwide business, 4 course


Advertising Research program paper

Vilnius, 2009

Stand of Material



1 . 1 The getting pregnant of packaging4

1 . a couple of The components of packaging5

1 ) 2 . you Visual elements6

1 . 2 . 2 Educational elements7

1 ) 3 Capabilities of packaging8

1 . a few. 1 Secureness Function9

1 ) 3. a couple of Identification and promotion function10

1 . 3. 3 Added amenities function10

1 . 4 Packaging technology10

1 . five Packaging research methods11

1 . 5. 1 ) Hall-tests11

1 ) 5. installment payments on your Laboratory tests12

1 . your five. 3. Target groups13

1 . 5. 4 Surveys14

1 ) 5. your five Monitoring16

1 ) 5. six Packaging exploration in Lithuania16

1 . six Tests in packaging design17

1 . 7 Researches about packaging17

installment payments on your PACKAGING EXPLORATION TECHNIQUES19



Literature List45

Appendixes 48


Nowadays packaging is one of the most important marketing tools. Packaging is a term which introduce, safe and promote the item. It is the initial thing that people recognize. By the entire view with the packaging a lot of customers if you buy one or another product. The information around the packaging is likewise very important. Nevertheless , producers try to create such a product packaging that buyers would recognize and buy with out reading the info on it. Packaging is in some way a process of design, this informs, offers. Product packaging is an extremely important process. There is a extremely big competition between almost all sellers, that is why, to create a special packaging is a very important job. It should be comfortable, ecologic and catch customer's eyes. Gum is an important part of almost all storage compartments and bags. That is why the group chose to make a survey of chewing gum presentation. Why persons choose one or another kind of chewing gum? Is it style, design, label, brand? We now have divided our paper in to three parts: theoretical portion, packaging analysis techniques and analytical part. In assumptive part we were trying to clarify the meaning of packaging, it can elements, features, packaging technology and research methods. Ahead of coming to the next two parts of our newspaper, we have built the questionnaire about the attractiveness of chewing gum product packaging. And after that, when we receive enough replies, we moved to the next two parts. We collected, reviewed and interpreted the data. Info that was gathered from our analysis we showed in several pictures and tables. Inside the part of the labels research approaches and analytical part we now have discussed every one of the data we get from spss program, by different charts, tables pictures. It was one of the most interesting part as we could see and compare the responder's answers. We have mentioned all of the inquiries, starting from the gender and age of the survey's responders and ending with this sort of question while attractiveness of shape and color. The purpose of our analysis was to identify by which criteria people choose chewing gum product packaging. The goals of our study are: 1) to understand the complete meaning of the packaging; 2) using a set of questions to find out with what criteria carry out people select chewing gum product packaging; 3) to assess the data and compare the answers; 4) to interpret the brings about conclusion. The paper had been writing 3 students – Agnė Gudaitytė, Milda Romanovskytė and Alina Rudnik.


1 . 1 The conception of presentation

Product packaging defines since all the actions of building and creating the textbox for a item. It is one of many components of advertising mix, the pattern of communication among seller and buyer. It provides returnable and non-returnable things such as containers, pallets, labels, tubes, carriers, glass, alloys, plastics and ceramics. It may also include mp3, wrapping, binding and braiding materials. You will find three...



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