Standardization compared to Adaptation

Strategies a firm Use Once Marketing Goods Globally? (Standardization versus Adaptation)

In the century, when almost every company wants to operate worldwide and many of these have already been performing it, firms deal with the choice of marketing strategy that provides a hit to their product/service in different market segments. There are two main sales strategies, standardization and adaptation. As well as the question " What is better? ” concerns the companies that are going to act throughout the world. I think no one can answer that because every thing depends on a particular situation: product, company, nation, market, opponents, etc . Consider standardization. Idea means making one global product in the belief precisely the same product can be sold throughout markets with no significant modification. The most important in addition of standardization is financial systems of scale. It takes on the more you produce the low price per unit will probably be. Many global companies use this strategy. Among them is Deere & Organization whose culture and development equipment is exported and employed around the world. Goods are made in the USA, Europe, and Asia and are also similar for each country. This kind of attitude assists the company give better support for their buyers and decrease prices of replacement components due to economies of level. The different advantage of standardization is a good brand graphic. International order, regularity creates customer`s awareness of your product and loyalty. For example , no matter by which country I bought a watch Rolex I can be absolutely sure in its quality. For adaptation for me, this strategy can be widely used and can be utilized by almost all companies in the world. This online marketing strategy implies that new items are based on modification or some improvement on existing products. Certainly, we reside in the world of the positive effect but still just about every country has its own local features and behaviors. So a business must consider them the moment entering a brand new market trying to meet customer`s...



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