Stakeholder Theory

Andre Vasconcelos

Reading Job – Stakeholder Theory

Teacher Juan Carlos Orejarena

Organization Ethics


Phase 7 in the book " Stakeholder Theory: The State of the Art” talks about how stakeholder theory is required in the realm of business values. The stakeholder theory is now an essential a part of business ethics studies, which chapter built a point to get in touch its ordre pillars, to the main concepts behind business ethics. To serve as qualifications, chapter 7 starts out by discussing organization ethic's origins, which is new, and how it became popular because of many scandals involving big businesses, raising the demand due to the teachings. Another part of this chapter was your shareholder compared to stakeholder comparability, which many people generate today. Freeman suggests the stakeholder look at as a substitute approach to the aktionar one.

The ordre core tips in which drive stakeholder theory helps a small business understand why, and how to, follow the theory. It starts by checking out Kantian capitalism, in which includes a main idea of balancing the stakeholder's curiosity, as well as making certain the people related to the company, should not be seen " as a simple means”, yet " as an end”. Following, Freeman talks about applying personal projects within businesses, which should allow stakeholders to work together, toward common targets and specific rights. The feminist theory is another ordre core idea, where stakeholders are section of the " web”, or network of the firm. This would allow management to branch out care to the stakeholders simply by managing human relationships and " getting people to work together to create value”.

This section also talked about to some misunderstandings and improper use of stakeholder theory. A specific summary that caught my own attention, was regarding the idea that stakeholder theory would need changes in laws, as well as a...



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