Romeo and Juliet Analysis

Commitment Throughout Troubles

Throughout your life, humans will be put to quality and need to remain faithful to themselves yet others. In the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Juliet encounters many trials and goes through many experiences. Because Juliet undergoes many struggles, she is constantly on the remain faithful to her partner Romeo.

Juliet remains dedicated to Romeo and goes to certain two extremes to remain wedded only to him. Juliet continues to be promised to marry Paris even though she is already wedded to Romeo. She is presently with Friar Lawrence and asking him for a solution of her promised matrimony. She causes with him saying, " 'God features joined my heart and Romeo's, thou our hands'” (4. 1 . 56). The Friar provides her a potion to put her in a death just like trance. Afterwards when your woman awakes from her trance, she understands that Romeo has perished, she says to herself, " 'O, content dagger, this is thy sheath. There snooze and let me personally die'” (5. 3. 174). By gratefully accepting a poison to set her within a death just like state, the girl with desperate and willing enough to be buried in a tomb to wait for Romeo to avoid a wedding. Once Juliet discovers Romeo dead, the girl with faced with getting married to Paris or committing committing suicide to remain dedicated only to Romeo. When your woman kills himself, she remains to be only wedded to Romeo. Not only is she loyal with keeping her marriage, the lady remains devoted when talking about him.

Even when Juliet receives disastrous reports, she remains to be true to Romeo. Juliet just received information of her cousin's fatality due to Romeo. She starts to curse him and speak badly of him then again stops and says, " 'blistered be thy tongue for such a wish'” (3. 2 . 99). Though she is planning to cope with the death of her cousin, she is constantly on the remain devoted to Romeo who has slain her relative. Romeo killers her precious cousin, and instead of her being furious at him and continuous to condemn him, she halts and defends Romeo. Rather than Juliet moving over where her loyalties lie, she is constantly on the defend Romeo and continues to be to...



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