Rise and Fall

The Rise and Show up of Cultures

Many good empires in ancient background came to an end in one point. For example , the Roman Disposition was incredibly successful throughout the rise and fall of Augustus. Also, Ancient Portugal which was powerful during the rise and land of Alexander the Great. Augustus and Alexander the Great were both related in their climb. Augustus became emperor following your assassination of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great started to be king following the assassination of his daddy. They fluctuate in their falls because Augustus' Empire made it through for many years possibly after he died while Alexander the Great's Empire fell after his fatality. In my opinion, the Roman Disposition was easier under the leadership of Augustus. The rule of Augustus Caesar plus the reign of Alexander the truly amazing were more different in several ways. After the loss of life of Augustus' great granddad, Julius Caesar, Augustus became the 1st emperor from the Roman Disposition. He developed the Empire and many of its success. It was the reconstruction era intended for Rome because of the many clashes there were yet were solved during Augustus' reign. Augustus started advancing his empire and added many pays. He guarded and secured his disposition by establishing the declares. Augustus processed the government, changing the taxes system and legal program by creating laws for those who were not residents. He founded many things now we have in our nation such as streets, the police and fire-fighters' services. Augustus gained much electrical power and control of his Disposition, ending the chaos and disorder that was going on. Under his leadership, it absolutely was a period of peace to get Rome actually through the municipal wars and conflicts which was called the Pax Romana. Rome acquired reached the golden age group. " Whether it is my advantage to have the pleasure of establishing the commonwealth on a firm and secure basis and thus enjoy the reward which I desire, yet only if I may be called the author of the greatest possible government; and bear with me the hope once i...



Essay in Environment

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