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Chow Tai Fook Companies is a company which can be engaged in selling, jewellery, telecommunications, casinos and port business. It's owned or operated by Doctor Cheng yu-tung and is a listed firm. Chow Tai Fook Jewelry is a store of jewellery. It is just a popular brand in China and tiawan. It has their retail outlets around the globe. The company in mainland China and tiawan had 1000 chain stores in yr 2010. The corporation has it is objective of opening about 2, 000 stores in 2020. The company has a varied range of product in China, Hong Kong and Macau. The The Company is definitely into goods which are into mass, top end and gemstones and watches. Its jewellery factories occupy an area of about 40, 500 sqm. Their jewelry is made of raw material available at diverse prices, for all your generations and customers usana products can be labeled into.

1 ) Gems

2 . Platinum

3. Gold

Founded by the main group in 1997, it has captured the market share. Customer known for the love of jewelry. Wearing rare metal is a custom here which can be followed among men and women of all generations. Having a successful online marketing strategy, the company is growing a lot. Chow Tai Fook, with its huge reach and strong existence in the Greater China Industry, has always been seen as a fashion leader in the business. The company has programs of beginning around 190 POS with an annual basis and is intending to open 2k more by end of 2014. The corporation will soon always be moving into other cities by opening franchised POS. It can be one of the most trustworthy brands in market. The brand name is focused on brand sincerity. According to the survey on the jewelry brands, the company ranked with Tiffany while the top 3 brands in 2010. The Company sets integrity at the centre of its operations. Susse 2012


Determine 1: Regarding CTF over time

My position in this organization is in the researching the market department. I actually am operating as a Researching the market Analyst to get the company. I actually am accountable for researching the market conditions and research the market developments to determine the potential of revenue of a product. I collect information about the company's competitors, manufacturer equity, revenue, customer shopping for behavior and pricing tactics. Transforming the survey data into graphs and reports and deciding on the market advertisments is my primary process. Susse 2011

Aim: To look for the most successful jewellery company company in Hong Kong particularly looking at the women's jewellery and components sector ages 25-34 from the HK vogue industry.

Targets: To reach the proposed aim, one main goal, the in-store experience, must be determined through three important objectives:

1 ) To assess the responses of customer satisfaction in the received assistance.

2 . To critically assess the effects of the structure on consumers.

3. To examine the satisfaction of customers for the range supply.


An essential part of identifying the most good jewellery store between Chow Tai Fook, Chow Did Sang Precious stone, Luk Fook Jewellery, Aged Phoenix, Ming Jewellery, TSL, Zhou Tai Sang, Fuhui and 3D-Gold Jewellery We will use main research, that can then be applied through the initiatory approach to create a method to be applied to gauge the projected goals. Saunders' strategy known as the exploration ‘onion', will contribute to help in the understanding and technique of the steps required in conducting this analysis. Saunders uses an red onion as a metaphor, representing the fact that onion's layers must be taken off in order to reach the key of the onion thus, achieving the aim. In this case peeling off the first coating by choosing a technique, which is the qualitative research, then old off the second layer employing a strategy, which can be the initiatory strategy, and ultimately peeling off the last level, by choosing a tactic, which in turn would be performing a customer survey concluding, which is the most powerful company. (Saunders et approach. 2004) " Qualitative info is extremely...

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