Expression of a Discord


LC0236 Teamwork and Communication Toolkit

AY 2013/14, Semester one particular

CA1: Part A

Representation Journal

Identity: LEE XUE LIN (1354531) Class:DCHE/FT/1A/03

1) Identify an actual conflict that you have got faced/are facing with your staff.

In extra school, my mate was the chairperson while I was the vice-chairperson in the Red Cross Society. A discord occurred when we were handling and judgment the whole contemporary society. She wished to be lenient in lording it over but I had formed suggested keeping on applying the tight and challenging system. For instance , when several members who have are past due for the practices or perhaps events, simply no penalty are given from her but I believed that we needed to give notify for their mistakes. As such, there were many quarrels over various views. I was not satisfied to her ways to guideline a group and wanted to maintain the older system. Our team members likewise separate in to 2 bande which one aspect stands by simply for her and another aspect stands by for me. This directly ruins the oneness of the team.

2) Outline the nature of the conflict.

It is a conflict of leadership models. We are several in persona so that we may have different methods in lording it over.

3) has got the conflict occured? What was the main cause? (Facts, methods, goals, beliefs, or a combination of these types of conflict? )

The turmoil arisen was due to variations in values and methods on how to regulation a team/society. She thought that all to be a buddy with the associates and be a lenient innovator would improve the unity from the team. Nevertheless , I thought that a leader had to be strict and firm in order that the team members will obey and comply with they rules. Likewise, the team associates would give even more respect for the leader. My opinion was to stick to the traditional program while your woman wanted to accomplish a new and flexible system. She's more open-minded and loved to make an effort some new things. In contrast, I think that the fresh system is not really suitable to be practiced because...



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