Reflection: Educational Years and Respect Merit


My name Helen, and i also am aiming to reflect on my elementary thoughts. I have experienced many positive and negative experiments in elementary. I use met various friends and teacher. I use learned a large number of lessons when ever collaborating with my peers. Here is a reflection of my own elementary remembrances.

It all started out in JK when I first remaining my parents palm and excitedly left pertaining to the first day of school at Wilclay P. H., my teacher name is definitely Mrs. Stream, she was always and so humble in order to meet my close friends Sindy, Gaiethri, Bradly, Tanniesha and myself. Every day after school Tanniesha and I could walk to my house with my mom or perhaps my neighbors, who boy also visits kindergarten, occasionally picks all of us up.

In SK I was in the same classroom although had a several teacher, her name was Ms. Company. She is very nice and was my favorite tutor from that school. In that season I had my own fist bee sting, lost my first tooth, acquired my fist chocolate dairy order that was filled with ice and my 1st graduation. I then moved to Markham.

In quality 1 I actually went to Cornell Village S. S. My personal teacher was Mrs. Balkos, My close friends that reinforced me through out that yr was Sabrina. In that season I received my initial respect merit and a blue attention bare key chain in the birthday. That was also the year when ever mason tattle tailed in me for sharing a secret to the person beside me.

In grade 2 I was in Mrs. D'angelos course, in that category my best friends were Jessie and Sydney. I avoid really keep in mind much of this year but I really do remember having my initially C+ and got my second respect prize.

In grade several I was in the same category and had similar teacher nonetheless it was a break up of class 2 and 3. My local freinds for that 12 months were Madison and Julian in class 2 and Jessie in grade a few. Our course won the golden waste award and also experienced bike a thon. We have an IDENTIFICATION cards and certificate to get riding the bikes safely and securely. I also obtained my third respect merit.

In class 4 I had been in Mrs. Collier's class, she was one of my personal favorite teachers since...



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