Reactions of hydrocarbons


Diane Cate Satsatin

Biology College student, Biology Division

College of Science, Entre ma Salle University-Dasmarinas


Five substances which are Hexane, Eugenol, Unfamiliar hydrocarbon 1, Unknown hydrocarbon 2, and Acetylene gas was used pertaining to the selective reactivity of hydrocarbons to functional group tests; Bayer's test, Bromine test mild, Bromine test out dark, and Tollen's check. In Bayer's test, only Acetylene, Eugenol and Unfamiliar hydrocarbon a couple of reacted absolutely and the rest retain the purplish color of KMnO4. On the other hand, the five compounds in Bromine test with light responded positively. In Bromine test dark, Hexane and Unidentified hydrocarbon you did not respond because light (UV) is definitely absent. Finally, in Tollen's reagent, just Acetylene responded positively and all the additional compounds gave a negative result since they are all hydrocarbons.


Hydrocarbons are organic materials which contain only co2 and hydrogen atoms, these types of molecules may be saturated or unsaturated and acyclic, cyclic, or perfumed. In this try things out we employed a variety of ways to examine the physical and chemical real estate of hydrocarbons. The initial experiment we all tested many different solvents to verify that they dissolved our alkane (Decalin). One would expect that nonpolar solvents will reduce alkanes because they are non extremely as well 1 ) If the solvent did not reduce in the alkane we warmed the solution having a heat weapon, because higher temperature improves solubility since energy by means of heat can break a genuine and allow for the molecules to join jointly. This is the corrected for a reduction in temperature the molecules move about less so there is fewer interaction between solute and solvent. We all also differentiated alkanes and alkenes. Alkanes only include c-c one bonds, will be saturated, and they are the least reactive. Alkenes will be c=c double bonds, more reactive than alkanes, and unsaturated. Over the following part of the experiment we...



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