Inquiries: Big five Personality Traits and Effective Frontrunners




Q. 1) What do you think Terry Leahy's personality traits are for each and every of the Big Five measurements of persona? Identify and justify with reference to the case.

Queen. 2) With the 9 narrow personality traits essential of successful leaders, just how would you price Terry Leahy on all of these 9 narrow traits (i-e which ones this individual rate high, medium and low)? For what reason? Justify?

Queen. 3) The first some weakness he stated was his " Irish Temper”. Clarify and rationalize whether Terry Leahy provides a bad mood or certainly not.

Q. 4) Is Terry Leahy seriously modest. How will you remain that modest inspite of the accomplishment and the accolades? Does this man have no Spirit?

Q. 5) What type of Do it yourself concept will Terry Leahy have and just how does it affect his business success? Does Terry Leahy posses a theory By or theory Y attitude?

Q. 6) According to McClelland's Accomplishment motivation theory, which of three needs Terry Leahy rates substantial, medium and low on? Justify.

Queen. 7) In line with the 3M Command competency platform there are 12 competencies needed of effective leaders (i-e 1) Integrity and Integrity 2) Mental Capacity 3) Maturity and Judgment 4) Customer Alignment 5) Expanding People 6) Inspiring Persons 7) Organization health and outcomes 8) Global Perspective 9) Vision and Strategy 10) Nurturing Innovation 11) Building Partnerships and Alliances 12) Organizational Agility). Considering the over 12 expertise for successful leaders which of them Terry Leahy good at and which ones he's less great at and So why?

Q. 8) Effective Market leaders need to have expertise and have actions upon three several fronts i-e as strategists, as architects and as mobilizers (both inside and externally). Working throughout the case just how would define Terry Leahy's role as a strategist, because an you and as a mobilizer.

Q. 9) What evidence perhaps there is that Terry Leahy's management has evolved with time? How offers he developed his career?

Q. 10) Identify some of challenges...



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