Physics Tub research

A study to determine what sort of change in mass can affect the traveling distance of a plastic-type material tub. Target: To investigate fat variation of a plastic tub and how that affects it can traveling distance when propelled with a regular force employing an band. Hypothesis: The tub can travel less distance when the weight in the tub can be increased, whilst keeping the propelling force regular. It is expected this will happen, as the added weight can slow down the tub due to the enhance of downward force (F=ma) acting after the tub. Newton's second law claims that when the force is pertaining to the item or out of balance, the object will move. This can be applied while when the band propels the tub ahead with enough force to unbalance the item causing this move forward. It is predicted that as a greater weight is placed inside the tub this would cause the overall downward force to increase. This downward force is effectively generating the tub towards the ground. As the tub mass increases leading to the down force to increase then we can predict which a greater propelling force is necessary to move the thing. However , through this investigation, the propelling push is kept constant. Keeping the propelling pressure constant, the tub are expected to travelling a lesser length. The tub could be and so heavy (with constant moving force) eventually that it will not move by any means. Variables:

Centered variables: The dependent adjustable is the changing that is getting measured in an experiment. The length the tub travels

The distance the tub trips is a dependant variable as we are changing the excess weight added to the tub and measuring the distance the tub travels. We will gauge the travel range with a meter ruler, by lining up to the tub after it can be propelled by elastic band. Down force

Downward Pressure is worked out using F=ma. The downward force adjustments as the mass of the tub alterations. Acceleration is usually constant at 10m/s2

Independent parameters: An independent changing is the varying that is altered. The Changing weight of the plastic tub

The weights will be varied to ascertain how excess weight affects the length the tub travels. The weights of zero, 100, two hundred, 300 and 500 grms will be used and will also be stuck for the base from the tub to generate the weights.

Control variables:

The plastic-type tub

The same plastic material tub will be used to be a control factor. Different smoothness/roughness of between recipient could cause some variance in results. The size of the elastic band

Similar elastic band will probably be kept throughout the conduction of tests, (46cm) as distinct bands is going to contain different amounts of strength or could be different lengths, which may have different elasticity. The propelling push (9 Newton's)

A similar propelling power of 9N will be used for each and every test. Using a constant propelling force will help to determine if mass of an object can affect really travelling length. Surface

The area the test will be kept the same as several surfaces could cause varying levels of friction witch may affect the results. Seat

I will make use of the same chair to conduct all assessments as a distinct length involving the legs of the chair will affect the how a elastic band will certainly stretch, as a result a different force would be used on the tub causing inaccurate results. Materials

0, 100, 200, three hundred, 500g people

Newton meter

2x1 inmiscuirse ruler

Elastic band (46 cm – unstretched)

Plastic material tub (23. 59grams)

Hiding tape


Set up:


1) Gather all supplies.

2) Line up recording measure coming from leg in the chair until it finally reaches three or more meters. 3) Place the elastic band around the hip and legs of the seat, double knot to secure. 4) Using a Newton meter, pull back the elastic band utilizing a force of 9N. 5) Mark the place that the band extends with masking tape.

6) Place the tub ahead of the band and pull it in return to the masking tape series using the band; the first trial could have no extra weights in...



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