Personal code

Personal Code

Reduce and forget

To get respect you should give admiration

Move through the past to the current


No longer rehearse disappointment

Always with love

Ignore it

Slow down and live

Generate a good work to be great

Don't above think things

Well my own first about is reduce and forget I like to make an effort to live at this time one. The only reason why I like to try to live by this is because I use had experience of being in a fight with a few of my friends. While i got into battles with my buddies I and a obstinate girl and i also wouldn't reduce them well then I messed up a friendship. I reduce the ones that I could but if they were doing something that I think is unforgivable the I won't apologize. Recently I have been forgiving the ones that I will and forgetting what experienced happened among us. It is best to reduce and forget. My next one is to get esteem you must give respect. The main reason I have this one is because should you give admiration you will receive it. Do not so speedy to judge because if you do that then you can feel like you cannot give the admiration to a person you assess on there looks then you will never receive esteem from that person. For me I've don't assess someone and so quick with to acquire respect you should give esteem. They are simply the same thing in my mind and I find out you wouldn't like it if perhaps someone judged you and felt like they can't respect you. Now I have approach from the earlier to the present. The reason I have this one is because in case you keep house on the earlier it is as if you still reside in the past. You need to move on from the past to be able to live in the present day. You will see that in case you move in the past and move on to the near future that it will become a lot better. I would not want to be residing in the past especially after we moved I have been happy living here in tripp I achieved amazing people and I like living in this town. Today if I was living in yesteryear I wouldn't be able to see all the happiness that is going on in my life right now. My next one is hear which...



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