Penn Foster Exam #02800400

Penn Foster Exam #02800400

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Merely had to choose a career--one that utilized my own skill set--I would decide to get a computer specialist. As far back as I could remember, personal computers and technology have always interested me. I love the range of problems personal computers present. In the home and at job, people might bring me personally their computer problems and technology questions to be solved. It had not been until my buddy Gracie said to me, " You know, you need paid for this kind of. " which i realized being paid for executing a passion should be my target. I knew i needed to polish up my technical knowledge of computer systems. I soon enrolled in your computer Technician training course at Penn Foster University or college, an online job school. Having learned more about COMPUTER hardware, computer software, and network issues, I'm eager to apply what We have learned to a career. Only at Computer Restore Store not merely can I use what We have learned to assist your company, I'm also able to learn rewarding from the educated technicians previously working for you. Paragraph 2

My own boss Steven Thorneburg, Brain of Marketing, is looking to get a prompt assistant to help manage bills and organize his day-to-day schedule. The pay is incredibly reasonable as well as the benefits are top-notch. The experience can be well suited for the work. As a cashier and sales clerk you work well with people and money. I know you are reliable and punctual from the 5 fold in a line that you earned the employee from the month honor and you are the only person in the family--that I know--who is never later to nearly anything. You always say that you don't believe that you are equipped for much more than the usual clerks placement; you know I actually don't consider that's accurate. Sally, you are capable of superb things and only limited by your motivation. Though you happen to be modest about your skills, this is the step up you deserve. I hope you decide to go after this avenue and apply with Mister. Thorneburg.



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