Alien Hand Syndrome

п»їAlien Palm Syndrome

This is a proposed neurological disorder that is seen as the afflicted person's own hand or hands that seemingly took over its free will or mind of its very own.. It happens when someone your odds moves alone. they are not in control of it as if it's part of the human body. It is thought that it is a derive from a brain surgical input, in treatment of worst circumstances of epilepsy. Some information would also say that this disorder can be acquired after having a cerebrovascular car accident or cerebrovascular accident. Theory of disconnection. This theory clarifies that there is dissociation between the individual's main charge of body movements with the voluntary actions engaged. It is thought that the delivery of the actions is changed because the primary control center of activities is " disconnected”, as a result resulting to the losing of sensation that the specific actions has been performed. Symptoms:

The patients can still impression that their very own hand can be regular and component to their human body, but only provides a unique behaviour by itself without the power over its owner. The person damaged believes that their hands has its own free of charge will which is usually called as a great alien conduct; explaining how alien side syndrome received its name. What usually happens with the affected person:

The hands (affected) offers an action which the person damaged is unacquainted with. It would come to a stage of recognition to the affected when the hands behaviour attracts his or her focus. The damaged would believe that they are staying possessed of some sort or perhaps they would believe an alien has absorbed his or her hands. Causes

The alien palm syndrome is definitely thought to be the effect of a brain harm or imposition that is associated with distinct elements of the brain or maybe a side effect to a surgery inside the brain. But in general, the actual or root cause for this condition is but to be learned that can be totally supportive with the condition.


There is no known treatment for this condition since this is not...



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