Operations Management

QUESTION one particular

The issues with poor customer satisfaction, resulting in customer complaints that can come from a variety of aspects about the middle and its personnel are leading to concern. You need to understand why it is happening and where the complications occur. Current complaints happen to be pointers to the problems, although don't supply the required details.

Present the plan which in turn details problems, assists in identifying concerns and how to take action to increase client satisfaction.

The Northstar HyperMall may be the new advancement a retail center, which has made available in the UK. At present all shopping malls developed by Northstar are functioning across Europe. With the fresh development of the HyperMall, a number of problems and issues have arisen.

One of the main issues is that customers are simply just not happy. You will find concerns with poor consumer complaints and staff problems. After looking at the current concerns, it is essential for Northstar to focus on where these problems are growing from. Several problems which have been identified throughout the case study range from the initial development and operation of the department stores through European countries. With this being an issue, it is likely that industry within the UK for this kind of development may have not recently been particularly very well researched. It is crucial that Northstar addressed the void of market research and penetration, since customers within the UK and Europe are likely to have different requires and market trends.

Customer care is an important feature to any organization, as it is a method of determining and satisfying consumer needs. This is an extra problem Northstar is suffering from due to personnel issues, and as a result are getting various buyer complaints. These complaints are mainly linked to the quality of customer service delivered simply by staff surrounding the shopping mall. When reviewing employees issues, the General Manager of Northstar surely could identify that the complaints had been derived from the ‘Help Staff'. The role of the staff is to present friendly and helpful information to buyers throughout the buying centre. Most likely some staff may not present this information to shoppers, and could not offer the expectation of customer service needed. As a result consumers are improbable to feel comfortable asking for support or getting close to members of staff, because of their behaviour or body language.

Within the first 3 months of opening, the GM established which the cause of issues and issues were by different areas inside the centre and thus of this, it had been apparent that the centre will have to be examined and superior. As Northstar is a franchise and the general operation of the shopping mall has become replicated in the UK, it is everlasting if consumers will react to the shopping mall in the same way Euro customers is going to. Various problems from protection, catering and sales personnel were a cause for concern. Shoppers in the HyperMall had been discontent while using way these were treated simply by security personnel, as the staff did not manage to understand the notion of ‘Window Shopping'. The quality of the catering establishments was also under scrutiny simply by customers, poor quality of foodstuff and nominal selection induced further issues for Northstar.

In order for Northstar to address problems, a number of methods can be integrated in order to find a potential solution to help increase customer satisfaction. A few of these include the use of customer service schooling, questionnaires, market research, diversity of staff, variety of stores, staff empowerment, frequent updates of quality checks, application of Total Quality Management (TQM), benchmarking etc .

First of all, customer service teaching programs offer an ongoing schooling service, which enables employees to focus on customer service by role playing scenarios of types of customer communications. E. g. customers might direct bad language at the employees and these programs facilitate the staff to deal with worst-case scenarios. When ever...

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