Offline Automobile Showroom

п»їVehicle Display room

1 Purpose

Vehicle display room management system identifies the complete means of selling an automobile to a client from the dealer's showroom. Before selling, the vehicle belongs to the set asset from the dealer's showroom. So the primary point of the scenario is definitely posting the automobile from a set asset to a current asset. While performing the process, the dealer can manually conserve the vehicle business transaction type, which means, the automobile can be collection as a new or used vehicle to offer to the customer. This shows the process of new automobile sales. Automobile showroom management system is ideal for traders or resellers of any kind of size. The automobile showroom control panel can be attached to any Operating-system. The product features include: easy stock products on hand updates, complete user management, photograph uploads, image optimization, marketing studies, and easy assembly. This software does not need special templates, frames, coding, or server-side technology. a couple of Process Flow

The seller purchases the car from Company

The customer desires to buy car from dealer's showroom.

The dealer produces a sales order for the final customer

The customer verifies the purchase

The seller creates a support order to make the vehicle

Goods issue and billing is carried out

3 Actions

Creating a Fresh Vehicle -- In this stage, the department dealer provides an impressive vehicle.

Creating Purchase Order - In this stage, the branch dealer acquisitions the vehicle in the Company.

Obtaining the Vehicle - In this stage, the part dealer provides an impressive goods receipt. A vehicle comes with an identification amount, which is exceptional for each automobile. You can also give external amount, which is from your vehicle manufacturer.

Creating Automobile Registration Info - From this step, you will create the registration data for your vehicle.

Searching Motor vehicle in Display room - In this step, the automobile, which the consumer wants to buy from dealer's shop is not available. The product sales representative will help...



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