Mitosis laboratory

Title- Mitosis

Abstract –For this laboratory there is no experiment to be carried out only questions to be responded. In this test we is going to categorize and count the cells to compute the mitotic index of the total root location.

Introduction – The purpose of this test is to answer questions associated with the red onion root suggestion photos which have been pictured in the lab. The questions for this lab will probably be drawn from the discussion and assessment section at the beginning of the mitosis lab. Once that section has been examined we may start to answer the questions.

Hypothesis-There is not a hypothesis in this experiment

Procedure-Review discussion regarding mitosis, examine the six photos with the mitosis of onion root on the worksheet provided. After that is done, record your leads to the concerns associated with every single photo in the lab statement.

Results- To get knowledge about Mitosis in vegetation. By examining the discussion and review i was able to get suggestions in laboratory manual about mitosis. The mitotic index in question E was determined to be a few. 5 and taken from the stem.

Discussion- The benefits showed the fact that further away from root the less the mitotic index is. Out of this lab all of us learned about the several stages of mitosis and the way to determine these people.


We solved questions depending on the discussion as well as the six images of onion root idea to answer inquiries about mitosis. We concluded that the further away from the main, the less mitotic index there will be.


A. What is the goal of mitosis? The objective of mitosis may be the process in which the body creates tissue to grow and repair by itself. Some microorganisms also replicate asexually through Mitosis and the purpose of you should create an identical replica of the cell.

B. How come the cell cycle necessary for organisms? Mitosis duplicates the cells chromosomes by removing the original parent or guardian chromosomes and replacing these newly replicated chromosomes in two exact copies in the...



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