Symbolism in "Sonny's Blues" by Wayne Baldwin

Symbolism in " Sonny's Blues” by James Baldwin

In Wayne Baldwin's " Sonny's Blues, ” the reader meets Sonny, a recovering addict, fantastic older brother, a top school teacher. Although both of these brothers include completely different lives and people, the author's use of significance brings all of them more firmly together such as a real family. Baldwin uses symbols including ice, lightness and night, and punk music to add more interesting depth and that means to " Sonny's Blues. ”

Persons usually think of ice or the cold to be bitter and causing soreness. When it is cool outside, people wear outdoor jackets to eliminate the bitterness from the cold. In " Sonny's Blues, ” Sonny uses heroine to flee the soreness of the truth that is his life. Heroine is Sonny's jacket. As well, ice can easily symbolize alarm, dread, and the feeling of getting unsettled. If the narrator, Sonny's older brother, initial reads the newspaper and finds out that Sonny was arrested, " he experienced as if a fantastic block of ice was sitting in his stomach…It dispatched little trickles of drinking water up and down his veins, yet never got less” (50). The ice the narrator seems in his belly is actually the impression of alarm. The narrator is afraid for his brother and he feels partly accountable for not supporting him in his time of want. When the ice is shedding inside of the narrator's stomach, the fright and shock is finally shrinking until the snow sends the trickles through his problematic veins to help remind him that something bad has occurred. Another sort of the image of ice used by Baldwin is every time a childhood good friend of Sonny's comes up for the narrator and asks in the event he features heard the bad news. Sonny's friend explains to the narrator about what will happen to Sonny after he is released coming from rehab as well as the narrator feels the ice once again, " the same dread he had felt every day” (52). The same dread that the narrator was feeling earlier that day is coming back because he knows that will probably be his responsibility to water over his younger sibling. Baldwin's make use of...

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