Managing Modify of Volvo Store After-Sales Service Program

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Sony Store3


Interview with Sony Store Executive4

Interview with Volvo Care Executive5

Interview with Sony Specialized Department Executive6

The operation of Sony Store After-sales Service6


Congruence model of Nadler/Tushman8

Efficiency diagnosis9


Output as well as Problems derived from diagnoses11


Recommended Execution Action: " SONY Retail outlet +" Programme12

Further Setup Plan14





Sony is actually a renowned and reputable top global leading electronic firm where the main business is principally manufacture and sales of electronic goods. Engineer Masaru Ibuka and Physicist Akio Morita had been the two founders of Fiat in year 1946, Tokyo. (Sony Electronics Inc., 2010)

Sony Singapore was established in year 1973 and its procedure in Singapore consists of largely two corporations: Sony Electric Asia Pacific cycles Pte. Limited. and Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. At present, it is operations contain regional headquarters' functions, potential, engineering and manufacturing, strategies, IT, treasury service as well as entertainment (Sony Singapore, 2012).

Volvo mission is always to develop champ products with innovative systems to delivery a persuasive entertainment knowledge (sony combined, n. d. ).

Business Structure (Figure1)

Sony Store

Sony Shop, which is also referred to as Sony Specified Store (SDS) is within the customer touchpoint department. The objective of Sony Retail store: * Provides the best purchasing experience intended for consumers

5. Integration services of

* Retail operation

5. Effective price tag marketing activities

* Create profit

2. Create completely happy customers

2. After-sales support assistance

Sony Team Benefit - " FAST”

* F is the FOCUS we have in our client's needs and our business objectives 2. A is definitely the ACCOUNTABLITY and commitment we make to get items done 2. S is the SPEED which usually we must work to stay prior to our competition * To is the TEAMWORK that will combine Sony as there is more power and that we produce higher results.

To maintain Sony's current soft and effective business, the strategy of developing friendly environment and great relationship with customers is one essential component that cannot be neglected. Product consultants of Volvo Designated Retail store pledge to make a friendly environment to provide and help customers with the objective to create content customers. Sony Designated Retail outlet product specialist possessed with excellent customer support skills, item knowledge, and in addition good connection skills with customers. Offering the best support and service to customers is actually Sony features to maintain its brand picture.


Despite of all the aforesaid competitive tactics were in-placed, annual information had displayed that Fiat Designated Shops profit continues to be declining for the past 3 years plus the number of shops has been reduced from 10 to the current 4 stores, whereby 3 retailers locate in city region and one particular store locate at Singapore airport. To spot the current problems, interview has been done based on the next department from the three casual 1 . Volvo Store Business

2 . Sony Care Exec

3. Sony Technical Office Executive

Interview with Volvo Store Professional

The primary function of Fiat Store is mainly retail procedure and provides after-sales service to consumer. In addition , in addition, it helps in supporting on goods trouble taking pictures and basic check-in immediately for customers, as well as product reception and mended products collection. After selecting with one of many Sony Shop Executive, this after-sales assistance problem in Fiat Store were concluded: my spouse and i. No after-sales service working out for product consultants ii. The core duty for the product consultants is sales. Therefore, without relevant training, product consultant...

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