Luggage and Cruise Lining

3. Backpacking

What is hiking?

A backpacker is a person who travels with everything he/she needs in one backpack and most of the time moves to discover the environment while doing all sorts of activities. They dedicate nights in backpackers hostels where they share areas with 4-6 other people. There exists one home that is shared by all the guests.

4 reasons why tourists backpack:

·Backpacking is a low cost travel. Travellers often visit a lot of places and in addition they budget all their amount of money intended for travel. ·Because they need to cut loose from their everyday routine. Travelling all on your own lets you actually leave everything behind (stress etc . ) and gives you time to rethink your circumstances or perhaps future. ·It helps you become comfortable coping with the new (other nationalities etc . ). You learn to adapt in unfamiliar situations and surroundings. ·Some persons go hiking because they would like to learn new pleasures and experience a different way of living. Some go because they need to bring home a complete new perspective of your life.

4. Introduction

Backpack and cruise liner adventure H. A can be described as holiday tour for three Germans and one particular South Photography equipment in South-Africa for fourteen days. The holiday depends on a almost 8 day tour through Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng for different activities (Photography, Game viewing, Experience activities and S. A Cultures) and then ends having a 4 time cruise package from South-Africa to the Costa da prata islands around the MSC Musica.

(a)Land and air arrangements

·Name of airline, date of arrival and departure

Flight: South-African Breathing passages

Introduction: Monday 26 November 2012

Departure: Sunday on the lookout for December 2012

·Name and explanation of key land travel used

Baz Bus: The Baz Shuttle bus is a shuttle bus transport assistance, but with a few major differences. The Baz has been build for impartial travellers looking to explore South Africa safely and...



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