Kate Chopin

Analysis with the KISS simply by KATE CHOPIN

By contrasting the room's " deep shadow" with the daylight that still is present outside the property, the first paragraph of " The Kiss" establishes a dark, intimate atmosphere while suggesting the presence of secrets and dubious emotions. This imagery hence foreshadows the revelation that Nathalie is definitely plotting to marry the good-natured nevertheless unattractive and rather unreasonable Brantain while maintaining an affair with Mr. Harvy. Brantain's character is usually reminiscent of other men in Kate Chopin's stories, including Brently Mallard in " The Story of your Hour" and Gaston Baroda in " A Respectable Woman, " for the reason that Brantain can be portrayed as a well-meaning rather than dislikable gentleman who enjoys his eventual wife although who does not be attractive to her. However, we tend to think little or no sympathy for the man because Chopin tells the storyline through the eye of the girl protagonist, who has her very own aims. Contrary to most of the heroines of Chopin's stories, Nathalie does not deal with any mental trials or true mental conflict. Rather, she acts as a woman who have already recognized her potential and ability to satisfy her desires and who today tries to adapt the actions of those around her in order to suit her wishes. In a way, Nathalie requires the concealed motivations of Chopin's protagonists and takes them to an unpalatable extreme, as Nathalie here is portrayed because having a determining, imperious character. Even so, Chopin portrays Nathalie sympathetically in this we come to applaud her skill in turning bad luck right into a coup de grace; what initially is apparently the devastation of her carefully established engagement turns into an opportunity to keep on her affair right looking at her husband. Later, the moment Harvy as luck would have it fails to become one of her pawns, your woman shows her practical part and appreciates her defeat, not only with no rancor but even with a nearly amused, philosophic resignation. Nathalie's machinations juxtapose Harvy with Brantain, who in his straightforward...



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