Internships Report: Checking out Organizational Culture through Encounter at SCB, Nepal



The introductory part of this kind of chapter provides the reader together with the basic information regarding how the entire internship system was conducted. It will function as a guide depicting the basis which the statement was ready.

1 Background/Authorization facts

The internship was assigned by simply Apex College as a partially fulfillment with the requirement of the BBA-BI degree. It was given to apply theory to practice and at the same time enhance the understanding and understanding of the training course contents. The program promises the position associated with an intern at Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, New Baneshwor (Head Office). The internship held up for doze weeks. I used to be involved in the project titled " Consumer Financial Loan Credit File Reconciliation”. During the tenure of my internships program, the project was supervised simply by Mr. Anoop Shrestha and Mr. Ghanshyam Giri.. This internship absolutely provided me personally with a reasonable outlook on an integral element of banking. The project was insightful and truly an eye-opener.

2 Objectives of the study

1 . 2 . 1General Objectives

Intended for the partially fulfillment of the requirements to get the degree of BBA-BI

1 . installment payments on your 2Specific Aims

• To explore the company culture through experience. • To gain coverage of actual life situation so they really do not have many problems during the transition phase: from a college graduate into a working person.

1 . several Limitations

i. A ubiquitous drawback of most internships is that that lacks diversity. The work basic is limited where only one aspect of the entire firm is almost totally understood. 2. Due to privacy and protection reasons, I had developed access to simply limited information on the personal computers. iii. The tightly anchored infrastructure of divisions forbidden regular interaction with people from other department.

1 . 4Sources and Methods of Collecting Data

My report is usually inclined to a qualitative strategy though.

1 ) 4. 1Primary Sources

The majority of this report is dependent on information collected from principal sources. The interaction with the supervisor, director, junior and senior officers, personals, and so on was great help. Declaration was as well used as a means for additional info. And immediate involvement in carrying out the work was the best source of understanding.

1 . 4. 2Secondary Resources

The ways of secondary resources were:

• The official internet site of Normal Chartered Financial institution,

• The info on the personal computers at the office,

• The twelve-monthly report of SCBNL



installment payments on your 1 BACKGROUND

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited has been around operation in Nepal as 1987 because it was initially registered as a joint-venture operation. Today the Bank is definitely an integral part of Regular Chartered Group having an ownership of 75% inside the company with 25% stocks owned by Nepalese public. The Bank enjoys the position of the most significant international traditional bank currently operating in Nepal.

Standard Chartered provides a history of above 150 years in banking and operates in many of the planet's fastest-growing marketplaces with a comprehensive global network of more than 1750 twigs (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) in over 70 countries in the Asia Pacific Area, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Americas. As one of the world's most worldwide banks, Standard Chartered uses almost seventy five, 000 persons, representing above 115 ethnicities, worldwide. This kind of diversity is at the heart of the Bank's ideals and supports the Bank's growth because the world increasingly becomes one market.

With 18 parts of representation, 23 ATMs across the country and with more than 350 neighborhood staff, Normal Chartered Traditional bank Nepal Ltd. is in a situation to provide its buyers through an...

Bibliography: i. www.standardchartered.com.np

ii. www.google.com



i. Reconciliation:

While working as an intern at SCBNL within the project " Consumer Banking Loan Credit report Reconciliation” the foremost responsibility or the function assigned in my experience was reconciling the data obtainable in the company system with the available physical data. Getting back together was the main responsibility given to me whilst working since an intern.

ii. Upgrading:

Another a part of my internship, after making up the data found in the system with the available physical data, next step was to revise the status of each loan file that has been reconciled inside the Microsoft Surpass Sheet, applicable in the system.

iii. Observation:

Observation is one of the key techniques of learning. My supervisor often asked me to see the activities more so that I could understand the aspect of a place of work.



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