Yes, the Aurora job represents a disruptive technology. It is a circumstance where the firm self-disrupted for capturing different potential markets. Prior to Aurora job, Teradyne were basically providing the high-end market that required excessive accuracy. It is ATE devices were generally bipolar circuits(ECL) as these brake lines cycle period were significantly less and supplied high precision. At the computer software end, firm was employing UNIX structured programs pertaining to hardware and user-interface. Thus changing application would have been unpopular stage amongst the business customers who had been very concerned with software match ups across systems. 1 Therefore for a significant firm like Teradyne who may have market share of 22% in the ATE market, it had a dilemma of sustaining technology or to participate in the Aurora project which had a probability of disrupt the company's existing functions. The two bothersome technologies in the Aurora task were House windows NT and CMOS. Teradyne was making ATE using bi-polar technology for high-end markets. Market segments such as microcontrollers and ASCI didn't require so pricey ATE equipment as they were ready to trade off accuracy to get cost. CMOS technology centered ATE products were cheaper and could ideal serve the requirement of microcontrollers and ASCI market segments. Though CMOS based GOT devices were not accurate although that was the need for targeted markets, also the lowered size of the devices was obviously a plus point. 2 CMOS was not a new technology in the market since other players like ASIX used CMOS to build a tester in a test head, also Teradyne had a few experience inside the same technology. The only reason, it hardly ever explored this kind of technology had not been to disturb its existing and excessive profit margin markets. Next, Teradyne was spending thousands of dollars for writing programs in UNIX due to the hardware and software. These kinds of programs were written from day one and thus were time consuming. It was Alex d' Arbeloff whom spotted Windows NT, a current cheaper and faster way of writing programs for the ATE products. Windows...



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