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The popularity of social networking sites including Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Skype ip telefoni has grown extremely in the last five years. Social media is a characteristic of life in the 21st century which is phenomenally reshaping how people connect and interact with other folks. But , happen to be social networking sites great for our society? Justify the argument. Academic Writing Assignment a few Written Composition DRAFT

I strongly assume that Social Networking has a new positive impact upon society and can continue to do it as we find the endless possibilities deeper in to the 21st century. In past times 5 years Social Networking be a global happening as there are today over 1 . 1 billion dollars users worldwide (" Mobile social networking”, 2011), it has changed the way the world speak with friends, as well as complete straingers.

Social networking sites are designed for the objective of communal links large or perhaps small (Musibau et 's., 2011), this kind of communication can be quite a privet personal conversation using a friend or family member, organising functions and meetings for groups and even letting the world know your own thoughts and opinion on a particular subject. All of these facets of communication will be positive each having a beneficial impact on world. Social networking Regarding disaster and emergencies could be a very important tool as it was during the Haiti Earth quakes in 2010. It absolutely was reported emergency workers and survivors used networking sites such as Fb and Tweets to post photographs of themself to notify concerned family that they were safe and where they are often located (" A survivor's amazing story”, 2010). Online communities can also be used to report in traffic holds off, fuel price rises and importantly for the circumstance of an urgent evacuation including, fire, tsunami waning or earth quakes. Using online communities to connect teams is hassle-free especially in large business or perhaps corporate firms. Companies can easily employ 1000s of staff which can make communication challenging although by making use of social networking sites significant groups may be connected at the same time to be knowledgeable about conferences, specific times, times and in addition locations. This can be a much more effective way to connect an entire business and also makes interaction among staff members which has a clear understanding of communication.

The use of promoting is a location that culture has implemented in social networking and it has made it much simpler as a online marketer to be able to connect to a large population group improve marketing stratagies and company income. As we know the application of social networking permits connection, advertising with online community not only allows connection with community buyers but also on the larger international scale, with Facebook only having over 955million users worldwide (Kumar & Mirchandani, 2012). Social networking as a promotion can allow businesses to develop at a rate faster than ever witness before. Using marketing via social networking may help identify concentrate on buyers, creating a strong influential messages to sell a product can make viral by making use of social networking, this is seen simply by billions of prospective customers in a matter of a few minutes. A company known as Dell, who have are the 3rd biggest suppliers of Personal computers in the world, along with eBay and many other main companies are applying social networking as a stepping stone to have connections with potential clients (Kumar & Mirchandani, 2012). There are many sales strategies that can be followed via the make use of social networking. Several key comes in which it has played is usually, it allows marketers to build trust, good relationships with potential buyers, social network gives excellent visibility and allows individuals to be observed (Steel, 2010), this leads to marketers receiving attention towards their firm and its goods.

Connecting with family is seen to become key element to load life with happiness,...

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