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In the ‘Great Human-Rights Reversal; The Democratic left features conceded individual rights towards the conservatives', a Wall Street Journal of 10 May 2012, the author Daniel Henninger states that the human-rights goal has reduced since Barack Obama started to be president of the U. S. Henniger starts that human-rights issues disappear from the personal left in to ‘its home' on the right, to the neoconservatives and the evangelical Christian activists. According to the creator, the administration of Mister. Obama have got responded in a contradictory approach in situations like Libya and Iran. Although is that truly the case, or is Mister. Obama taking the stability in the international community into account? According to Henninger, the new direction of human-rights issues underneath the presidency of Mr. Obama became crystal clear when Hilary Clinton declared that " The pressing about those problems [human rights] can't hinder the global financial crisis, the global weather change crisis and the protection crisis. " This indicates that the author thinks that as than human-rights issues became less important for the U. S. An additional example the author uses to criticize the left coverage on human being rights is always to go back to the roots of human-rights plan. Human legal rights became a crucial foreign insurance plan of the U. S. beneath the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Mr. Carter officially put human rights on the formal agenda, sometime later it was on Christian evangelical teams successfully continuing this plan. Furthermore the author initiates that since the presidency of George Bush the neoconservatives and religious human-rights groups watched over human-rights problems, while the still left was other. The problem in the democratic left, is according to Henninger, that it's passions are community and biased. This minimizes the believability of the U. S. as being a world leader. Even so the author will not show any kind of opposing points to clarify his arguments. For example the statement of Hilary Clinton seems reasonable. Why would one...



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