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Geeks & Soyou – Officially Absent You Too Lyrics

English Translation:

The words My spouse and i barely received out – good bye

Today on this night time that I am just left alone without you

I'm even now, I'm officially missing you

Like the night I patiently lay for you

The absence of us was long and darker

I hope that isn't the end

We wanna return

I set everything you wanted me to but where are you?

I'm left by itself and I'm lonely

Wind seems specifically colder today

Why will you look so good?

You have no tact but

I just need you to smile like before

Ooo can't nobody do it as if you

Said just about everything you do

Whats up baby state it stays on on my head

And I, I am just officially absent you

In my experience, it's you only

I am hurting as a result of you

My spouse and i try to ignore you yet I can't

Hating you is too hard, it's too much

I'm upset that you don't even know

Now i am officially missing you

Officially missing you

Yeah I'm officially lacking you, also

The reason why I couldn't say anything

Is really because the shortage was very long

You're even more meaningful than any term

On another round

Jooxie is getting a greater distance away

This awkward day time is moving by

This makes me to unfortunate and I remain as I was yesterday

Regardless if this night passes, Now i'm still in this article

Because of you, who is continue to in my mind

Every night We toss and turn into and my heart increases exhausted

The street lights sparkle on the streets

I clear my banging insides in the toilet

Although no matter how much I clear myself

I actually get inebriated with the staying memories and I get dizzy

GIrl, I still need a place to rely on

So I can wash you out with this music

I miss you like a habit

Your pictures laugh at me personally

I look at them and smile and think

Will I ever get it done like previously?

To me, it's only you

I'm hurting as a result of you

I actually try to neglect you although I won't be able to

Hating it would be easiest doing poor to you during my memories

So I can't get it done

I miss you and so like this

Do you know?

To me, is actually only you

I actually am injuring because of you

I try to forget you but I actually can't

Disliking you is too hard, is actually too hard

Now i'm upset you do not even find out

I'm officially missing you

Officially missing you

Can't nobody get it done like you

(The words We barely acquired out – good bye)

Said all things you do

Hi there baby state it stays on my mind

And I, I am just officially absent you


(with specific parts)


Aesseo neoege geonnaetdeon inconforme good bye

Ijen honja namgedoen i shazbam without you

Nan ajikdo, i'm officially missing you


Neol gidarideon bamcheoreom

Gilgo eodupdeon uri claime gongbaek

Ige kkeuchi anigil barae

We wanna get back

Neoga wonhadeon geo

De uma gochin jigeumeya

Neon eodiro ganneunji

Nan hollo nama lonely

Oneul ttara buneun baramdo

Cham sirin geot gateunde

Fluorescents waeiri meoljjeonghae boineun geonji

Nunchido eomneun neojiman

Yejeoncheoreomman useojumyeon dwae


Ooo can't no person do it like you

Said all things you do

Whats up baby declare it

Stays on on my head

And i

Now i am officially lacking you


Naegen neo hanappunin geol

Neo ttaeme apahaneun geol

Neol ijeuryeogo noryeokhaebwado jal andwae

Neol miwohaneun geon

Too hard neomu eoryeowo

Nal mollajuneun neodo seoreowo

I'm officially lacking you

Now i'm officially missing you

Officially missing you

Officially missing you


Yeah i am just officially lacking you, too

Naega amu maldo haji motan iyu

Uri sai gongbaegeun neomu gilgo

Eotteon daneoboda neoga meaningful

About another circular

Deo meoreojyeo gamyeo heulleoganeun

Eosaekhaetdeon oneul haruga

Naegen aswipgo eojero namaisseo

I bami jinado ajikdo yeogi isseo

Yeojeonhi nae meorissok neo ttaemune

Neul dwicheokgeorineun maeil boom nae maeumman deo jichyeoga

Garodeung bureun georil bichwo

Heundeulgeorineun sogeul byeongi auf welche art biwo

Eo~ amuri sogeul biwodo

Nameun chueogeuro chwihae eojireopgo

Young lady nan ajik gidael gosi pillyohae

Thus i noraero neoreul ssiseonae


Seupgwancheoreom geuriwohae

Nal bomyeo utneun national insurance sajineul

Nae du nune damgo misoreul jieumyeon

Dasi hal tu isseulkka wow...



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