How Far Have the Prophecies of Daring New World Come True?

In how far have prophecies of BNW become true? Illustrate and give cases.

This really is a pretty interesting question, mainly because we have to persuade ourselves to consider our contemporary society today and just how it has transformed during the most recent centuries. In my opinion are there absolutely things in Brave New World that started to be true, although there are other stuff that have designed quite different in that case Huxley features predicted.

The government has developed pretty many then Huxley predicted. In Brave " new world " the whole method is based on a strong and totalitarian government, which in turn controlled almost everyone by fitness, the people are just doing items they are intended to. This prophecy was almost certainly based on the program in the Soviet Union, although like we are very mindful this system is unsucssesful and the prospect of another totalitarian government that could be able to control depends upon is far from actuality. The problems of flow line like Huxley predicted have not come true none. Today as an example, more and more companies are attaching importance to innovation and imagination of its own workers, firstly the Toyota Company with all the " Keizen” system. The Keizen strategy is a continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, executive, supporting business processes, that involves all workers. So however, " little” assembly line staff member is supposed to improve the products simply by handing in the proposals. This product has demonstrated as pretty profitable and has been duplicated by other companies like Daimler motor company, where I've seen that on my own. Today we have an increasing number of knowledge workers rather than personnel who perform only simple manual tasks.

Emotions aren't banished from our society, all of us still have lots of them, for this reason we are frequently reacting out of control and that's a single reason why battles are possible. So it is taking place that we are acting away of our emotional state of mind and never like we are in reality supposed to be out of our state of mind. So I don't want to state...



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