Foucault Film Newspaper Prompt

In their introduction to Methods of Reading, David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky write that as you read a text " you begin to see the outlines in the author's project, the patterns and rhythms of that particular way of finding and interpretation the world” (Bartholomae 2). This quotation suggests that every essay in manners of Reading is creating a worldview, or contact lens, through which the reader can analyze and interpret everything he or she may examine, see or perhaps hear. Mainly because we are constantly already given birth to into a globe premade for us, before we have learned to learn sentences we are already comprehending the world through a particular social lens developed by others. Everything from our race, sexual, gender, lovemaking orientation, class, nationality and religion affects how we perspective events around us.

While many of us are unaware of the social assumptions imbedded in our worldview, the experts we have browse in this class are hyper- conscious of premade constructs on the planet and have attemptedto push aside these cultural assumptions to produce their own organized analysis. In fact , several of the assignments this semester have asked you to analyze an area, text or perhaps event using the zoom lens created by simply one of the main writers.

Your next task challenges one to take Foucault's essay, " Panopticism, ” and use it to a film of your choice. You will find unique problems inherent in working with film, including getting comfortable with the language of pictures, but many of the same skills you have created up until now comes in handy to your third product paper.

Since themes of observation plus the gaze are prevalent during many films (we happen to be conscious of ourselves as visitors and of the camera as being a lens that pierces into private spaces), the medium of film is at instances particularly suited for a Foucauldian reading. To be able to pick your film, you should think about films that finest grapple with a of his major concerns: surveillance,...



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