Catcher In the Rye

Innocence: A Virtue That should be Preserved

In life everyone experiences hard times. In JD Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, the key character, is a prime example of going through difficulties in his existence and getting in to trouble. People usually have a pal or loved one going through hard times with all of them, but when Holden gets started out of his institution, more of deficiency of trying than intelligence, this individual travels to New York City and must face the earth on his own. Following the death of his tiny brother, Allie, Holden had to grow up quickly. He has too understand the thoughts of loss and sadness early in the life. The losing of his buddy hurt him so this individual wants to make sure that the innocent children of the world get to enjoy their years as a child. He had to endure hard times early in his your life, and he'd not want different children to go through that burden. Holden believes he's ready to increase up, although he believes that adults are " phonies”. Salinger shows the complexity on the planet with Holden's little sibling, Phoebe, precise language with graffiti, plus the symbolism of Holden's baseball catchers in the rye dream. Growing up can be described as hard move to make; and the mature world is hard to find their way especially when you are not ready to deal with it on your own. He tries to protect the children of the world by change. This kind of spills over onto his little sibling, Phoebe, who have he enjoys very much. He loves Phoebe so much that he won't want her to change at all. Since Holden has been aside at school, and this individual does not find her frequently, he misses her. After a few days to be back in New York City, Holden sneaks into his house to determine his sibling for the first time in quite a while. When they are talking he says, " 'Who gave you that haircut? ' Specialists her. I simply noticed exactly what a stupid new hair-do somebody gave her. It had been way too short” (Salinger, 167). He describes earlier that he likes how Phoebe stays a similar. He are unable to wrap his head around change, since it just proves...



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