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FITTskills: Global Source Chain Managing

Case Study #5: Global Supply Chain Management and Shipping and delivery

Case Study #5: Global Source Chain Managing and Shipping and delivery

Catch of the day

Kalastaa Inc. have been around in the local Finnish aquaculture market for nearly 14 years. They will raise salmon and trout for local markets, and possess recently negotiated a deal having a small seafood processing grow that distributes under a main product packaging in Finland. Although they run a rather tiny operation, making use of 16 persons year-round, Kalastaa believes they may be in a position to export some excess and perhaps broker further deals with fish processing plants around the European Union. They do want to keep up ties with all the local new fish market segments, but product sales have been gradually decreasing because the sudden influx of more affordable Scottish salmon on the market. That they know their very own stock is of higher quality and can be exported abroad quite profitably. Kalastaa has called the government and enrolled in small enterprise export endeavours. This has enabled the company to go to aquaculture conferences abroad and offered all of them the opportunity to network and make contact with DanskFisk, a Dutch distributor.

Plenty more fish in the sea?

DanskFisk was wanting to negotiate a contract for 2 tonnes of Finnish fish to distribute to a volume of clientele over the country. Repayment of credit rating was organized by a Nederlander bank. The documents essential were a commercial invoice, the insurance policy, a marine bill of lading, and a certificate of quality. Kalastaa has arranged to have their very own fish examined by a nationally accredited criteria organization. Each agree inside their contract that Kalastaa will pay freight to Rotterdam and will also insure the shipment. After the salmon has become delivered, DanskFisk will suppose all responsibility.

The Finish Meals Inspection Firm reports to Kalastaa which the fish to be exported is of superior quality, which has a fat content material of 11 percent. The certificate...



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