Evaluate the Ways by which Discourse Structure and Lexis, Meet the Needs of Purpose, Audience and Text.

In the conversational transcript, there are many uses of discourse structure. These include adjacency pairs, hesitations, false begins, conversational injectables, overlaps, disturbances, co-operative signs, discourse markers and phatic speech. Firstly, adjacency pairs are used inside the conversational transcript as a way to build the dialogue. The extract ‘H: //his mother? C: yeah everyone did// on his side, ' shows this kind of due to the fact that the hairdresser can be using the adjacency pairs to stay the dialogue and to keep it flowing. The objective of this is in order to avoid awkwardness between the two loudspeakers and to produce a seemingly pratique atmosphere and to describe and explain the shoppers story. The audience in this conversational extract is definitely entirely the 2 speakers. The context on this is that the two speakers happen to be in a salon which will result in this kind of conversation going on, as both the people attempt to have an easy conversational circulation whilst the customer has their locks attended to. Second, the use of informal language is used throughout inside the conversational records which demonstrates that the two loudspeakers are very pratique with each other and might possibly know each other. This could be seen from your extract, ‘C: we proceeded to have half a dozen (. ) H: half a dozen! ' Likewise, the fact that the conversation regarding her cheating spouse is happening shows that both the speakers are generally not entirely close friends as this kind of conversation may have taken place currently. Another thing to exhibit this is that there is the use of period as the consumer tells the hairdresser just how she fulfilled her husband prior to his cheating. Following this, there are not any uses of lexical areas in this entire conversational records. This is amazing as the 2 speakers will be in a situation in which this is needed. However , it can be suggested that the use of lexical fields have taken place, when the customer acquired first strolled into the salon. This implies that the two audio system have been generally there for some...



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