Evaluation of Subway's Branding as well as SWOT evaluation.

EVALUATION OF BRAND NAMEA brand is actually a combination of name, term, signal, symbol and design meant to identify the goods or services of one retailer, which will help him/her to differentiate coming from those of competitors (Kotler 2006, 269). Subway is first called Pete's Extremely Submarine in 1965. The identity was reduced to Subway and it is also then, the first franchised unit was opened in 1974 in Connecticut (Subway 2008). Most likely, the owner of subway - James DeLuca and Dr . Peter Buck -- realized the importance of making a good manufacturer. There are several appealing qualities to get a brand name. It should (i) suggest about the product's benefits and characteristics, (ii) end up being easy to enunciate, recognize please remember, and (iii) distinctive.

Subway has achieved all these features. Its motto 'Eat Fresh" suggests the freshness in the ingredients intended for the submarine sandwiches. Also, as Subway offers a large assortment of products like casse-cro?te, salads, cookies, potato chips and so forth, making every single visit a fresh one due to its consumers. The colour green plus the use of tomatoes in the company logo symbolize the healthier element of Subway's foods. Subway includes a high amount of brand understanding; consumers are in a position to associate Subway with its boat sandwiches which can be filled with more vegetables. The brand term is certainly not offensive; that did not generate any incorrect excitement like French Connection's provocative slogan - FCUK, which has resulted in many techniques in countries including Singapore. Brand name is essential as a good one can add greatly to a product's achievement (Kotler 06\, 273).

SUBWAY'S OVERALL TALENTS AND WEAKNESSESStrengthsSubway has successfully market itself as a more healthy alternative to traditional greasy junk food. In the report on 18 November 1999, Subway has listed the seven less fat subs with 6 grms of fat or fewer menu giving convenience and good nutrition food products intended for consumers' active lives. This has made Subway as the best...



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