Increased Data Encryption Algorithm for Next Generation Systems

Enhanced Data Encryption Algorithm for Next Generation Networks ABSTRACT

In an age in which data transmission over the network has become a essential aspect of connection and info sharing it is extremely essential to guarantee robust info security. To get above reality in mind, we aim to boost the existing reliability standards by simply designing a far more efficient Security Algorithm. From this paper all of us propose thinking about using a mixture of AES-DES and incorporating this in the Feistal structure. Becoming a hybrid of two powerful encryption approaches, the protocol would be a powerful and trusted encryption normal. General Terms

Data Secureness, Hybrid Structure, Algorithm.


AES, DIESES, Hybrid, Encryption Time, Avalanche Effect, Throughput, CPU Consumption. INTRODUCTION

The Internet holds an important role pertaining to data transmitting and sharing. Therefore , security is used for getting data transmitting. Encryption accomplishes security effects that make the trick messages unreadable. This is called Cryptography [1]


The main goal of Cryptography is to communicate securely so that the true meaning cannot be intercepted by an attacker. There are two types of cryptographic schemes available on the basis of important. They are: Symmetrical Key Cryptography: This cryptographic scheme employs a single important for the encryption and decryption with the message [1]


Uneven or General public Key Cryptography: This cryptographic scheme makes use of two important factors for security and decryption of the message, known as the public key and Key [1]


We could classify Symmetrical key cryptography into two styles on the basis of all their operations as: • Stream Ciphers: From this one octet is protected at a certain time [2]


• Block Ciphers: It will take a obstruct of plaintext as type, and produces a corresponding end result block of cipher textual content [2]


Through this paper we now have attempted to work with two Symmetrical Block cipher algorithms: AES...



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