Dual Analysis

Dual Diagnosis

Thomas Hollyday

Liberty College or university


Pendule Diagnosis is now more repeated, with the improvement into the symptoms of each disorder progresses. We great amount of the time when a person has an habit forming personality they have a tendency to have additional personality disorders also. Just three generations ago when a person acquired substance make use of disorder (SUDs) they would stop after that diagnosis. At that time they didn't realize that the majority of psychiatric patients as well had a co-occurring SUD (Doweiko 2015 p. 339). The book goes on to say that the health care experts do not understand how come they would have more than 1 problem at a time. Earlier in the text that did mention that drugs and alcohol abuse truly does change the person with the disorders brain, and frequently the brain hardly ever goes back for the way it had been before the dependency. Today typical for people with SUDs is to be identified as having multiple disorders. From gonna AA and NA meetings I learned that some people prevent drinking or perhaps drugs but they are still unhappy because they have not changed anything except taking the beverage or medicine out of the hands. Dual-diagnosis patients are individuals who suffer with co-existing disorders of mental health issues and SUDs. All of these mental illnesses do not have to be related to each other, the book used hypertension and obesity. The book also mentioned which the SUDs would not cause the psychiatric disorder (Doweiko 2015 p. 340). There is always an opportunity that SUDs can increase the person second disorder like cirrhosis or the liver, cardiovascular system failure, liquor or medication overdose and also other medical disorders that could position the person inside the hospital. Having a dual-diagnosis can be very tricky for both the licenses professional counselor plus the patient to spot and to deal with properly. Theoretical Models

You will find four several theoretical models for dual-diagnosis; the first is which the SUDs and mental health issues both reflect a common undocumented factor. The second is that substance use with a person having a mental illness is considered a type of self-medication. The third model is the fact substance abuse can be secondary to psychopathology then when the psychopathology problem is handled the element problem will probably be resolved. The fourth and last theoretical model is individuals with mental condition might be extremely sensitive to the effects of the drugs of abuse. With all these staying listed non-e of them clarify drug abuse and mental illness (Doweiko 2015 p. 340). Dual Prognosis

Dual diagnoses can easily me a concern understanding which of this medical diagnosis should be cured first, and just how the initial treatment may affect the extra problem. Occasionally the mental disorder 's the person has become SUD. The individual possibly would not understand how to handle the mental problem and turned to medicines or alcoholic beverages to not go through the pain inside. In some cases now that is correct of jogging away from working with the problem (Doweiko 2015 s. 342). Patient with dual-diagnosis for the most part have the worse treatment outcomes, larger healthcare use, increased likelihood of violence, trauma, and suicide, child misuse and forget, and participation in felony justice system; more medical comorbidity, particularly of infectious diseases; and higher medical care than individuals with a single disorder (Doweiko 2015 p. 341-342). Unfortunately with the 1950's deinstitutionalization of sufferers formerly in the hospital by the state and federal psychiatric wards this is what place a large with regard to outpatient treatment in the community. I actually stated this in an before paper, 1st case study, and it explained this was my opinion (Doweiko 2015 p. 342). When a person that has a betting problem failures there cash because they continue to enjoy until they can be broke this kind of opens the door to allow them to use alcoholic beverages to numb the losing sense, this is why in Las Vegas if the gambling you receive drinks free of charge, and the internet casinos...



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