Doctor Who and Edna

Ch. 18-20

1 . How can Edna use most of her time in it of the publication? 2 . Precisely what is Leonce's effect?

3. How does Edna experience her painting?

4. If perhaps Edna identifies that she actually is not an artist, then why does she paint? 5. Precisely what is the significance from the song Edna sings whilst she chemicals? 6. Just how sympathetic toward Edna will Chopin seem to be?

7. Just how is Victor a kind of hyperbole of Robert?

8. Exactly what does Edna find out about Robert while she is presently there? Why does this depress her? 9. What has changed in Edna that Victor would notice and comment on? CH. 21-23

1 . What is significant about Mademoiselle Reisz's condo? 2 . Precisely what is significant regarding the view in the river and ships via her home window? 3. How can Mademoiselle Reisz react when ever Edna covers her art work? 4. Precisely what is the content of the letter Robert has crafted to Mademoiselle Reisz? a few. What is Edna's reaction?

6th. How is this letter not the same as the various other letters Edna read in previous chapters? 7. Precisely what is the frame of mind of Mademoiselle Reisz at this time?

8. How much does she represent in Chopin's societal microcosm? 9. Exactly what does Leonce's conversation with Dr . Mandelet uncover about him self? 10. Precisely what is Dr . Mandalet's reaction?

11. What does the doctor suspect, yet never tell Leonce?

doze. How does Edna receive her father's go to?

13. Just how is her father's costume and appearance feature of him as a person? 14. How exactly does Adele handle Edna's daddy? What is Edna's reaction? 15. What is the difference between Adele's flirting with Edna's daddy and Edna's flirtation with Robert? sixteen. What findings does Doctor Mandalet generate when he relates to the Pontellier home to fulfill Edna's dad and see her? 18. What is significant about the storyline Dr . Mandalet tells after dinner? 18. What is the doctor's reaction to the evening and also to Edna's tale? How are these claims an example of foreshadowing?



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